Blank LinkedIn Profile Template (ESL)

ESL Level: Intermediate+

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Writing a LinkedIn profile can be a great way for students to practicing writing about their soft skills and experience. Also, it can help them network and get a job.

This is a basic template that students can use to practice writing a LinkedIn profile.

Firstly, to familiarize your students with LinkedIn, I recommend the below resources:

1) An Introduction to LinkedIn

2) An article about how to build a killer profile.

3) An article about how to design your profile if you are unemployed.

I also showed the students some good and bad profiles (e.g. several summaries, titles) to get them more familiar with profile-building.

When they are ready, you can have them write their own profiles on the template below. Once you have helped them revise it, naturally, they can create their own account and build a real one.


LinkedIn profile template


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