Speaking Activity: Asking Questions (Pair-work/Intermediate ESL)

ESL Level: Intermediate

Language Focus: Review of WH-questions (information) question forms (+ a few Yes/No questions)

Class Time: 30 minutes

Material Downloadasking-questions-pairwork.docx

Activity Description: Students read answers to questions and then their partner has to guess what the question is that matches it.

Question Review Activity Execution

Tell students that you are going to read the answer to a question, and they have to guess the question. Give them some examples, e.g.:

  • “I am 6’3.” (“How tall are you? / What is your height?”)
  • “I have been living here for 2 years” (stressed the underlined parts so they know what information to ask the question about)

Elicit the questions. Once they understand, tell the students that they are going to do the same activity with a partner, i.e. they will read an answer, and their partner will guess the question.

Before distributing the worksheets, tell them that you want them to read the answer to their partner — NOT show them the paper. This way, they can practice their listening.

You’d be surprised that even upper-intermediate students have a hard time forming proper questions. This activity can be a good way to identify problem areas.

Question Review Worksheet

­Asking Questions – Student A

  1. He goes to the park twice a week. (How often does he go to the park?)
  2. I have seen the movie five times. (How many times have you seen the movie?)
  3. Hua Hin is 200 kilometres from Bangkok. (How far is Hua Hin from Bangkok?)
  4. She bought a new iPad. (What did she buy?)
  5. There were more than 1,000 people at the club. (How many people were at the club?)
  6. Kate had to wait an hour for the bus. (How long did Kate have to wait for the bus?)
  7. Tom likes pizza. (What does Tom like?)
  8. The BMW cost $10,000. (How much did the BMW cost?  / How much was the BMW?)
  9. The class starts this week. (When does the class start?)

Asking Questions – Student B

  1. Mary joined the company in 2011. (When did Mary join the company?)
  2. John met his girlfriend at work. (Where did John meet his girlfriend?)
  3. They went to Spain for a week. (Where did they go for a week? –or– How long did they go to Spain for?)
  4. They are staying at a hotel. (Where are they staying?)
  5. He paid for the tickets with his credit card. (How did he pay for the tickets? – or –What did he pay for the tickets with?)
  6. Kim is 5”4 (five foot four). (How tall is Kim?)
  7. No, I wasn’t. (Were you ….. (in the past)?)
  8. Yes, I have. (Have you …(P.P.)?)
  9. She likes jazz. (What (kind of) music does she like?)
  10. ‘Bonjour’ means ‘hello.’ (What does ‘bonjour’ mean?)

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